August 5, 2014

New Demo

And here is the last demo of World of Thieves, a 3D adventure/stealth game between "Zelda" and "Beyond Good and Evil". Don't hesitate to test/share/reblog/comment/like if you want to help me!

Download for Windows

All downloads are 32-bits 

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Bug hunt: As usual, contact me for bugs or any feedback.
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If you complete Lia's quest, this will take you to the end of the demo. You may want to wander around and find other quests before completing this one.

Furthermore, demo filesize is getting bigger and bigger on every new release. That's why I only share the Windows demo on this post. If you're really interested in Linux/MacOS demos, send me a mail/comment/contact form/whatever to tell me.

What's new since the last demo?

The main new things are:

  • New GUI/HUD design for the Link menu
  • 3 new menu items for collectibles in the Link menu: flowers, animals and paintings (not all in the demo)
  • 6 animals to cure (only 1 in the demo)
  • Better weapon control explanation in the Link menu
  • Better item pictures in the Link menu
  • Apples can now be stored and used from the item wheel menu
  • Better visual effects on bomb explosion (not in the demo)
  • Better visual effects on Bo mega attack charge
  • New item: magnetic arrow/bow
  • Enemies sometimes drop items
  • 3 new characters: Lia, Garnet and Iris
  • 1 new place: Aqualums (not playable in the demo, but you can see it). See the dedicated post here.
  • 1 place re-design: Zephyr Island (formerly Tera) including huge windmills, beaches and stone houses
  • Skybox re-design with dawn and dusk variations and better clouds
  • Sun and cloud color variations following day/night cycle
  • New animated banner for the website
  • New presentation cutscene on Eagle Islands
  • New cutscene on Aqualums Island
  • Most of the cutscenes can now be skipped (mouse click)
  • 3 new musics: 2 for Aqualums, 1 for Eagle Islands
  • Better audio mixing and mastering of musics
  • New credits screen
  • New sidequests: collecting flowers and curing animals (partially in the demo)
  • Lots of bug fixes: character now disappears when the camera is too close, no aiming animation for range weapons if no ammo, swinging lanterns can now be parented to moving platforms, giant windmills still turn when looked at from far away, better scene structure for dynamic loading, and many other things you won't even notice ;)

What's broken ?

You didn't expect everything to work perfectly, did you? I'm aware of a few bugs/regressions:
  • The color of the slingshot target is not always accurate depending on what you aim.
  • Completing Lia's quest directly leads to the end of the demo. You may want to postpone this one. 
  • Environments are still a bit empty.



  • ZQSD or WASD: move the character. It's both AZERTY and QWERTY compatible
  • Space: jump and climb
  • Shift: crouch and block
  • Mouse move: move the camera
  • E: weapon selection menu
  • Left click: main weapon (Bo) or contextual action
  • Right click: secondary weapon
  • Tab: inventory/map/missions

Have fun! Peace!