November 13, 2015

Next events


This November month is extremely busy! For people who want to know more about the game or how I create it, you can find me at the following Events:

Toulouse Game Dev meeting 

November 18th at 19h at Etincelle Coworking (Toulouse)
Free Entrance!

I'll talk about the challenge of creating a video game, the ups and downs, the tools I use and how I tackle all the issues I encounter.

Capitole du Libre

November 21st & 22nd at ENSEEIHT (Toulouse)
Free Entrance!

I'll make a conference on using Blender for video game creation (on Saturday) and a workshop/demo on creating simple cartoon assets for video game with Blender and Krita (on Sunday)

There are LOTS of other cool conferences on libre/free/open source softwares, so check them out on the link above.

Toulouse Game Show

November 28th & 29th at Parc des Expos (Toulouse)

I'll have a booth in the Indie Game Zone with lots of my friends and colleagues of Toulouse Game Dev. You can test the game, talk with me and meet awesome indie game developers! And of course there are tons of other things to discover.

See you there!

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November 5, 2015


Here a quick post, but an important one!

For those of you who want to financially support me, I can now say that it is possible through my brand new patreon page:

For those of you who don't know, Patreon is a website where you can support many creators (youtubers, musicians, artists, comics authors...) by giving them money regularly. There is absolutely no obligation, and you can stop at any moment. Depending on how much you give, you get various and cool rewards. Check it out, everything is described on the page!

It took me quite some time to set up, but I'm happy with the result. Oh! And don't hesitate to share it around you! I'm sure you all have geek friends and family who could be interested :) The more support I get, the more time I can spend on the game!

Thanks a lot folks!

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November 1, 2015

October 2015 Demo

And here is the last demo of A Thief's Melody, a 3D cartoon adventure/stealth game with a contemplative atmosphere, somewhere between "Zelda" and "Beyond Good and Evil". Don't hesitate to test/share/reblog/comment/like if you want to help me!

Beware: This is the alpha (=NOT FINAL) demo of October 2015. If you want to get the latest demo for sure, just check the official website.
Feedback & bug hunt: As usual, if you want to tell me what you think about the game, or if you find bugs, contact me at contact at oneiricworlds dot com
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Install Notes

  • Linux

Under Linux, you have to change the execution rights on the game file:
chmod +x aThiefsMelody.*

  • Mac OS

Haha... I didn't test on Mac, because I don't have a Mac. But the beauty of Unity is that I can release on Mac from a Windows system anyway.
So, if Mac users out there want to give it a try and tell me what's wrong (or what's right, hopefully ;) ), you're most welcome!

What's new since the last demo?

You have to know the demo quests are more or less final at the moment. The next official demos (including this one) will only provide bug fixes and graphics/sound/music enhancement. I now focus my work on adding levels and quests for the final release, which won't be visible in this demo (especially new content).

The main new things I've done since July 2015 are:

  • 1 new boss: the Robot Kraken
  • Chapter 2 is now fully playable, including 2 dojos, 2 missions and 1 additional quest. Not everything is perfect yet, but at least, it's playable! It's more or less 1h30 of gameplay.
  • New chapter title screens
  • More ill animals on Zephyr Island and Eagle Island
  • Enemy state (KO) is now saved
  • Finally a trailer for the game! Check it out on the official website.
  • More cutscenes are skippable
  • The map now has a legend
  • 1 new level: the Governor's villa, fully playable, but still lacks lot of graphics.
  • Lots of new assets: spider webs, marble pilars, windows, carpets, furniture, cardboard boxes, shelves, chairs, tables, maple trees ... and as usual, wood crates of course.
  • The mouse is more sensitive now
  • Shorter delay before magnetic gauntlet reloads
  • Full new official website for the game with a clearer information display, in English and in French + updated portfolio
  • The game should now be compatible with 20+ classical joypads, including Xbox 360 pads. Sadly, this new update removes the possibility to change controls, at least for this release. I'll add a configuration screen later.
  • New screenshot feature capturing images up to 12000 x 9000 px (just for me ;) ). I use it to get graphical material for huge posters (yes I'm preparing for the Toulouse Game Show...)
  • New option to invert the camera Y axis
  • "New game" available from the in-game menu
  • "A Thief Melody" becomes "A Thief's Melody", because it was a mistake from me... Thanks to everybody who notified me.
Code & optimisation
    • Fix calling turtle in closed water zones
    • Optimisation of the mines level
    • Lots of bug fixes on the climbing system 
    • Bug fix of the hero walking on jars when attacking
    • Better fog rendering in the main menu
    • Fixes on available action during tutorials
    • Lots lots lots of various bug fixes

    What's broken ?

    You didn't expect everything to work perfectly, did you? I'm aware of a few bugs/regressions/problems:
    • You can't change the default controls (because of the newly supported joypads). I plan to add a configuration screen later. If you try to change the controls in the popup screen appearing at the start of the game, you might totally break joypad support.
    • Joypads work, but the UI help is still designed for keyboard/mouse. So... just test buttons if you want to play on the joypad!
    • The mouse wheel behaves weirdly in the map. Prefer the keyboard or joypad for zoom.
    • Some shaders don't work correctly on Linux and MacOS, among which the tree rendering.
    • Environments are still a bit empty
    • Some sounds must be re-designed  
    • The game lacks some music/sounds 
    • Some camera moves are a bit harsh/weird



      Have fun! Peace!


      Game Demo & Info:
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