October 3, 2014

New Demo

And here is the last demo of World of Thieves, a 3D adventure/stealth game between "Zelda" and "Beyond Good and Evil". Don't hesitate to test/share/reblog/comment/like if you want to help me!

Download for Windows

All downloads are 32-bits 

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Bug hunt: As usual, contact me for bugs or any feedback.
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No MAC OS or Linux ?

The demo filesize is getting bigger and bigger on every new release. That's why I only share the Windows demo on this post. If you're really interested in Linux/MacOS demos, send me a mail/comment/contact form/whatever to tell me. But the final release will be on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

What's new since the last demo?

The main new things are:

  • A few concepts/tries for a villa design (new level) (not in the demo)
  • Better HUD effects and lighting for pickable items
  • 3 new aquatic animals (not in the demo)
  • 1 "boss theme" music (not in the demo)
  • 1 new level in the thief Guild (that was quite long...)
  • New props: jars, rocks, decals, water particles ...
  • Lia's quest is now only available after the pirate level
  • Enemies and breakable items now generate power ups. 
  • A few additional dialog lines
  • Better map display with local and global/world view, taking into acount map items.
  • Lots of bug fixes:input priority fix while on the turtle back, recoding of switch mechanics enabling the activation of various gameplay blocks (platforms, doors, ...) with multiple links, bug fix of annoying auto-slide when trying to climb on a wall edge, smoother transition from slide to jump, better scene bounds computation for nav graph generation, ...

What's broken ?

You didn't expect everything to work perfectly, did you? I'm aware of a few bugs/regressions:
  • A little display bug when you get the package from Reno, near the end of the demo
  • Some of the enemies might get "stuck" on a wall in the dungeon of the "Bo Trial"
  • Environments are still a bit empty
  • Some sounds must be re-designed 
  • You won't always know what switches activate especially in the Bo Trial Dungeon)... Try to understand :)



  • ZQSD or WASD: move the character. It's both AZERTY and QWERTY compatible
  • Space: jump and climb
  • Shift: crouch, fall and block
  • Mouse move: move the camera
  • E: weapon selection menu
  • Left click: main weapon (Bo) or contextual action
  • Right click: secondary weapon
  • Tab: inventory/map/missions

Have fun! Peace!