December 23, 2014

Christmas Demo

And here is the last demo of World of Thieves, a 3D adventure/stealth game between "Zelda" and "Beyond Good and Evil". Don't hesitate to test/share/reblog/comment/like if you want to help me!

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MAC OS X and Linux are back

It's been a while since I haven't posted a release for MacOS and Linux, so here they are! I recently optimized the demo filesize, so I can post 3 downloads again.

  • Linux

Under Linux, you have to change the execution rights on the game file:
chmod +x worldOfThieves.x86

If you use this 32-bit version of the game on a 64-bit operating system,
you may also have to install 32-bit libraries.
I was successful with the following commands:
On Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install ia-libs
On Fedora:
yum install libstdc++.x86
... which doesn't seem to be the exact same thing. But it did the trick for me.

By the way, I noticed the game is really slow on my Linux systems. It was only playable with the lowest quality settings possible. Maybe this is due to my graphic drivers, but I'll have to test further. It even crashed at the beginning of the pirate warehouse level. Don't hesitate to tell me if you experiment such problems.

  • Mac OS

Haha... I didn't test on Mac, because I don't have a Mac. But the beauty of Unity is that I can release on Mac from a Windows system anyway.
So, if Mac users out there want to give it a try and tell me what's wrong (or what's right, hopefully ;) ), you're most welcome!

What's new since the last demo?

You have to know the demo quests are more or less final at the moment. The next official demos (including this one) will only provide bug fixes and graphics/sound/music enhancement. I now focus my work on adding levels and quests for the final release.

The main new things (most of which can't be seen in the demo) are:
  • new animals: geckos and fennec fox
  • new characters: Turtle Master on Aqualums, Rodrig the retired pirate on Zephyr Island, both with full dialog tree and quests.
  • new enemies: guards and robots (still prototype)
  • new flower: lilypads
  • optimisation on my tools for level edition
  • automatic tests on very usual mistakes I tend to repeat on each release (systematic non-regression tests)
  • more avatars/images completed
  • dialogs can now use a dynamic camera
  • sun lens flares
  • use of real-time clothe animation for pirates headbands and guards hat
  • heavy optimisation on grass rendering, ia code, dynamic loading zones
  • optimized texture sizes, resulting in 50% smaller game files
  • use of deferred rendering which slightly boosts the framerate
  • trails appear when the player falls for a long time
  • saving the game now displays a screenshot
  • whole new level: mines, with a bunch of new textures and props, effects and gameplay items...
  • new island (quite empty at the moment) with its own dynamic skybox/light rig
  • design and integration of the 1st boss!
  • map display can now manage multiple floor levels
  • a few more props: bed, various jars, metal crates, books, plants at Iris', 
  • new gameplay items: mine trolleys, lasers, energy-based switches, energy capsules, ...
  • bug fix on various shaders with depth-of-field effect
  • bug fix on several enemy freezes
  • various bug fixes on switchs/platforms dependency and state save (I bet there are still some of them in there...)
  • lots lots lots of minor bug fixes.

I spent quite some time trying to port every shader to DirectX 11, but I still have graphical artifacts despite the better overall performances.

What's broken ?

You didn't expect everything to work perfectly, did you? I'm aware of a few bugs/regressions:
  • Environments are still a bit empty
  • Some sounds must be re-designed  
  • The game lacks some music/sounds
  • You won't always know what switches activate especially in the Bo Trial Dungeon)... Try to understand :) 
  • Some pirates may not be as aggressive as before in the pirate warehouse level.



  • ZQSD or WASD: move the character. It's both AZERTY and QWERTY compatible
  • Space: jump and climb
  • Shift: crouch, fall and block
  • Mouse move: move the camera
  • E: weapon selection menu
  • Left click: main weapon (Bo) or contextual action
  • Right click: secondary weapon
  • Tab: inventory/map/missions

Have fun! Peace!