November 29, 2013

World of Thieves - New Free Demo

And here is the last demo of World of Thieves! It's a 3D adventure/stealth game between "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Zelda".

This is the end of November demo! I'm still quite unsatisfied with it... :( There are still crazy bugs in the climbing system and this first "stealth" level is not finished yet (so, once you found the red magnetite, there's nothing more to do except exploration). And the usual posts are coming to explain how this is done.

  • QSDZ or arrows: move the character. By default it's AZERTY-friendly, but you can change the config in 5s on the splash screen.
  • space: jump and climb
  • mouse move: move the camera
  • mouse wheel: zoom
  • left click: attack
  • multiple left clicks: chain attacks
  • hold and release left click: mega attack
  • hold right click: aim with secondary weapon
  • release right click: shoot with secondary weapon.At the moment, you can't shoot while running.
  • e: weapon menu
  • tab: head up display of the map... if you have one.

There are four weapons (but only the bo is effective in this demo):
  • Bo (woodstick): basic melee weapon
  • Slingshot and stones: use it to catch the attention of enemies. 
  • Bow and arrows: to make enemies sleep. You need 4 of them to stun an enemy
  • Graple: useful to get onto unreachable walls.

Easter Egg: OK... That wasn't intended but there is still something quite funny to discover in the title menu... Beware it's quite difficult to find

Bug hunt and feedback: As usual, contact me for bugs or any feedback.

Have fun! Peace!

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