June 11, 2014

Presentation in secondary school

Hi there,

This is just a quick post to share a little presentation I made in a secondary school to introduce the job of "game developer" to young guys between 11 et 15 years old. By the way, thanks a lot to my friend Mathieu for inviting me and thanks also to his colleague Richard! And of course, thanks a lot to all the pupils of the computer science club of Jacqueline Auriol school in Villeneuve for their enthusiam.
It was really fun to discuss with them. It's quite funny to see that they had the exact same questions I had in mind when I was their age...

For the curious guys out there, I share my presentation here below:


It's in French and it's a very introductory/simple presentation, but if it can be of some interest to somebody...
And surprisingly enough, it was quite difficult to prepare this presentation, because I had so much to say, but I had to simplify a lot the complexity of the problem to make it understandable for teenagers. A very interesting exercise!

Apart from that, I still work on my game of course. But more on that later!


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