May 23, 2015

Greenlit & Presentation in Paris


Here's a quick post to tell you about 2 things.

I - Greenlit

First, I've recently been greenlit on Steam! This is a very recomforting news for me, as it provides me a great online platform to distribute my game. For the record, I submitted my game to Steam Greenlight one year ago, and, after 1300 positive votes from the 9000 players who checked out my game, Steam accepted to distribute it.

This is a huge chance for me, because Steam is THE leader in online PC game distribution, reaching more than 30 millions gamers. It's the equivalent of the AppStore for PC. Now... I have to finish the game :)

II - Presentation in Paris

And more recently, I've been kindly invited in Paris by my old school friend Jesse to talk about my job at the Gamelier, a weekly meeting about video game creation. So I made a little talk session about being an indie, and how my everyday life is. So, for the curious people, here's the video IN FRENCH:

I hope you'll find something interesting in there!


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