July 11, 2015

July 2015 Demo

And here is the last demo of A Thief Melody, a 3D cartoon adventure/stealth game with a contemplative atmosphere, somewhere between "Zelda" and "Beyond Good and Evil". Don't hesitate to test/share/reblog/comment/like if you want to help me!

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What's new since the last demo?

You have to know the demo quests are more or less final at the moment. The next official demos (including this one) will only provide bug fixes and graphics/sound/music enhancement. I now focus my work on adding levels and quests for the final release, which won't be visible in this demo (especially new content).

The main new things I've done since May 2015 are:

  • 1 new level: Pirate Island, and little evolution of the Slingshot Dojo.
  • Rewritten climbing gameplay (after all the feedback I had! Thanks guys!). Now the hero use magnetic claws and has cool and smooth climbing moves
  • Polish of the Thief Guild level: entrances for all the dojos, path and grass additionnal textures, torches, obelisks, trees, stairs ...
  • Chest redesign
  • New gameplay mechanics for the pirate island: cannons, wood bridges, weight switches...
  • New assets: palm trees, coconus trees, pirate crates, explosive plants, ivy plant, ...
  • New mini boss in the Pirate Island
  • Vegetation shader with automatic color variation 
  • Multi texture auto uv mapping shader with smooth transitions for large funky terrains and floating islands
  • Integration of the Aqualums Counsellor villa and the Pirate Island in the world map
Code & optimisation
  • Better IHM while climbing
  • Vegetation shader optimisation
  • Vegetation meshes optimisation
  • Big code cleaning/rewriting on the climbing system. Now the climbing system is more robust and enables to move almost everywhere.
  • Lots of various bug fixes

What's broken ?

You didn't expect everything to work perfectly, did you? I'm aware of a few bugs/regressions:
  • Environments are still a bit empty
  • Some sounds must be re-designed  
  • The game lacks some music/sounds 
  • Some camera moves are a bit harsh/weird



  • ZQSD or WASD: move the character. It's both AZERTY and QWERTY compatible
  • Space: jump and climb
  • Shift: crouch, fall and block
  • Mouse move: move the camera
  • E: weapon selection menu
  • Left click: main weapon (Bo) or contextual action
  • Right click: secondary weapon
  • Tab: inventory/map/missions

Have fun! Peace!


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