October 26, 2015

After the PAGS


You might already know about it, but I've done my first real video game show/exhibition! It was very nice to meet so many passionate people! I know it was a month ago, but I wanted to share info about it!

The Pau Anime Game Show

I was a bit stressed about how people would perceive my game, but it went very well. Everybody took the time to explain me what was cool or not about my game and what I could do to make it better. So thanks a lot to everybody who took the time to drop by my booth.

Now I know what I have to improve for the next releases!

By the way, thanks a lot to my colleagues and friends of Toulouse Game Dev and Toulouse Game Show for all the organisation. It was great! Now the next deadline is the Toulouse Game Show at the end of November.

A photo of the PAGS. It gathered 6000 people. Not that bad!

My booth, with 2 young testers! Thanks a lot to them!
Yeah, I know that I should do better on presentation. I'm going to improve for the next show!

And you know what? Spending 2 days speaking all the time to explain the game to everybody who comes by... it's really exhausting! What a job! And the PAGS is supposed to be a "small" show... :S How lucky I've been!

Let's Play

During the PAGS, I also met many young youtubers who wanted to make playtests/let's plays of the game. So if you want to have a look at the game with player comments, check out those links (in French):

Thanks to you all guys!

Press releases

And for the first time of my life I was interviewed by 2 press teams about the game. This was pretty surprising for me; I wasn't really prepared for it, but that was a very nice experience. So here's a link to my first press article (in French):

That's a nice start :)

Bonus: improved website

That's all for today, but I'm working on lots of things that I should be able to share very soon.
OK, you read until here, so I can tell you there's a new website that I redesigned after the show, to take into account all the questions I was asked. Check it out:

See you soon!


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