December 1, 2015

(Toulouse Game Show) November Demo

And here is the last demo of A Thief's Melody, a 3D cartoon adventure/stealth game with a contemplative atmosphere, somewhere between "Zelda" and "Beyond Good and Evil". Don't hesitate to test/share/reblog/comment/like if you want to help me!

Beware: This is the alpha (=NOT FINAL) demo of November 2015. If you want to get the latest demo for sure, just check the official website.
Feedback & bug hunt: As usual, if you want to tell me what you think about the game, or if you find bugs, contact me at contact at oneiricworlds dot com
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Install Notes

  • Linux

Under Linux, you have to change the execution rights on the game file:
chmod +x aThiefsMelody.*

  • Mac OS

Haha... I didn't test on Mac, because I don't have a Mac. But the beauty of Unity is that I can release on Mac from a Windows system anyway.
So, if Mac users out there want to give it a try and tell me what's wrong (or what's right, hopefully ;) ), you're most welcome!

What's new since the last demo?

You have to know the demo quests are more or less final at the moment. The next official demos (including this one) will only provide bug fixes and graphics/sound/music enhancement. I now focus my work on adding levels and quests for the final release, which won't be visible in this demo (especially new content).

The main new things I've done since October 2015 are:

  • 1 new Boss : the Wind Guardian
  • Prototype of the new Boss arena
  • Upgrade of the hero design: now the character has a face and you can see the wind moving his hair and clothes. And his eyes blink too.
  • Master Josh now tells you to look in the 1st tutorial
  • More dialog lines for Tal and Iris
  • Upgrade of the Bo Dojo graphics: water stains with moving plants behind, lights, lanterns, light rays and fireflies
  • Update of the link messages HUD, now showing avatars and enabling a better browsing among messages.
  • Graphical update of the Eagle level: texture variations and adding an eagle-shaped rock on top of the level.
  • Adding small secret coves in the demo levels

Code & optimisation
  • Fix of the mouse wheel controls on the map
  • Fog issue fixes for various shaders
  • Fix of the bug where the character jumps on the edge of a cliff and stays blocked in the walking animation preventing him to climb
  • Lots of minor bug fixes
... And a lot of work for the Toulouse Game show too (banners/kakemono design, tee shirt, booth preparation, visit cards, ...)

What's broken ?

You didn't expect everything to work perfectly, did you? I'm aware of a few bugs/regressions/problems:
  • You can't change the default controls (because of the newly supported joypads). I plan to add a configuration screen later. If you try to change the controls in the popup screen appearing at the start of the game, you might totally break joypad support.
  • Joypads work, but the UI help is still designed for keyboard/mouse. So... just test buttons if you want to play on the joypad!
  • Some shaders don't work correctly on Linux and MacOS, among which the tree rendering.
  • Environments are still a bit empty
  • Some sounds must be re-designed  
  • The game lacks some music/sounds 
  • Some camera moves are a bit harsh/weird



Have fun! Peace!


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